A child's most important developmental years are those leading up to kindergarten. First Things First is committed to helping Arizona kids five and younger receive the quality education, healthcare and family support they need to arrive at school healthy and ready to succeed.

Our Signature Programs

Quality First

Choosing a child care provider is one of the most important decisions a parent makes. Quality First helps.

Birth to Five Helpline

Answers to your child development questions. A calm perspective. A sounding board. They’re all as close as 1 (877) 705-KIDS.

Arizona Parent Kit

You can’t make a parent from a kit. But you can give them the tools, resources and a little inspiration to make their job easier.

Regional Council Program Highlights

Navajo Nation

A family learns how to build their child’s vocabulary now – and her chances of being a good reader later – through home visitation.



Preventive dental care and lessons about good oral hygiene have preschoolers smiling all the way to kindergarten!



Support helps mother, son traumatized by family violence learn new ways to talk, share and grow.



Quality preschool means kids in Beaver Creek are ready for success in school starting on the first day of kindergarten!