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2015 State and County Data Sets
The many partners in Arizona’s early childhood system rely on data to inform policy and program decisions, enhance services for families, and expand the resources available for early childhood programs. First Things First’s Building Bright Futures report serves as a resource for those seeking to better understand the state of Arizona’s children – both the challenges and opportunities. This online tool supplements that report, providing easy access to detailed statewide and county-level data, where available, in four categories:
  • Child Health and Well-being
  • Economic Circumstances
  • Education
  • Family Characteristics
Taken together, the data presented here helps illustrate the context in which Arizona’s young children are living, playing, growing and beginning their education. The county-level data also highlights how the experiences of children in different counties across Arizona may vary dramatically.

Please note that while efforts have been made to ensure the accuracy of the information presented here, the cited source materials contain the official data. For questions regarding the information presented, please send an email to